I Keep My Hopes and Dreams Inside of You

pencil and digital media heather carr art sketchDetail from a sketch that I started yesterday. I’m still playing with it. This version is pencil combined with digital filters.


And if you go chasing rabbits…


Just a little sketch from my sketchbook. This one was Herakut-inspired. They are an awesome German street art duo. I love looking at their work.

Life Without…

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

Life without art, life without love …is nothing.  Another collaborative sketch between me and Scottish artist Sean Fleming, done while I was traveling. This one I’m now adding color to and will post another pic when it’s done.  I love the push and pull of working together on a piece. Looking forward to doing more.

Life in the Wild… A Collaboration

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

I just got back from a heart warming journey to Scotland. I spent a whole week with my best friend, drawing, painting, visiting galleries and exploring the land.  We originally met through an online art group. It’s amazing what can happen in two years, even with 6000 miles in between. And even more so, considering these terrible iPad portraits I did of him, before we ever exchanged words… Haha 😛 Thankfully, I’ve done more flattering work since…

Life in the WIld is a collaborative sketch that we worked on while I was visiting. I altered the color digitally, it was graphite… I’ll post some more of our collaborative work and perhaps a photo or two later this week…

You can see more of his work on Facebook:

Sean Fleming Artist

…and while you’re there, stop by to see mine! 😉

Oh Noes! Living life without art, isn’t living at all…

charcoal, sketch, boy, oh no

I’ve missed being here terribly. I couldn’t take it a second longer!!! So I thought I would at least say hello. 🙂 I’ve been working on a number of pieces over the last year and I’m gutted that I haven’t shared them yet. Life has just been very difficult and complicated. I’ll have quite a story to tell someday… Here’s my first baby step back into the art blog world…

Hope you are all having a marvelous summer!

P.S. This is a charcoal sketch that i did, with digital filters added to it.

Sketchbook Doodle – In the Darkness

Shadows woman evil creepy

Another post.  This is what is called “procrastination”…. 😉 Guess I should get packing for my house and studio move………

Hope to be back soon. xx

In the Darkness, Pencil on paper


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