Featured Guest Artist – Analysis of my painting Flightless

Heather Carr Xe3ep Xezep flightless cormorant nude self portrait graffiti stencils macabre

I had the honor of being the first guest artist on An Art Piece A Day… Gatherer418 wrote up an interesting, detailed analysis of my painting, Flightless.  It was quite fun to read!  You can read it here: DAY 19: MEET HEATHER AND HER PORTFOLIO!

Sketchy Mondays – Sketchbook Whales, Air Fresheners, and Business Socks…

I did this last week, while drawing with my 7-year-old. She asked me to write a diary entry from an animal. We also did some collaborative drawings - fun!!!

I’m bummed that I never got a second post out last week.  I’ve been so busy!  Tuesday I’ll be dropping off 10 paintings for another show.  Hope to share the details with you on Wednesday.

As promised, here are this week’s picks from my sketchbooks.

Heather Carr sketch drawing

Business Socks…Heather Carr sketch drawing

Heather Carr sketch drawing

This is based on a very old horror comic. I made this for my dorm room door my freshman year of college. I found it folded up in one of my books...

I love potato trees…