My Ear, My Love

my ear my loveA Halloween candy inspired drawing! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Colored pencils, watercolor, ear…


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Life Without…

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

Life without art, life without love …is nothing.  Another collaborative sketch between me and Scottish artist Sean Fleming, done while I was traveling. This one I’m now adding color to and will post another pic when it’s done.  I love the push and pull of working together on a piece. Looking forward to doing more.

Sketchy Mondays – “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius…

Heather Carr pen sketch doodle Marilyn Monroeand it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring.”

 —Marilyn MonroeHeather Carr pen sketch doodle Marilyn Monroe

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of Marilyn on the news-stands lately..  It’s the 50th anniversary of her death.  Since she was on my mind, I did these sketches in bed the other night.  I kinda like them, but I have this masochistic tendency to draw in pen without sketching things out in pencil first, forcing myself to live with/work with my mistakes.  I like to think it’s a small act of bravery, and not just psychological torture.  It’s good to learn to let go.  I’ve heard Jesse Reno say something to this effect many times: how can you be brave in life, if you can’t even take a risk on a piece of paper?  So true.

Marilyn Monroe was one of my biggest childhood idols.  She, and Juliet Capulet (of Romeo and Juliet).  Yes, I idolized two suicidal women…  And Darth Vader.  I really wasn’t a dark child though, I swear!  Perhaps it was their headstrong-ness…

I loved watching Marilyn’s films on late-night t.v. with my grandmother, while eating popcorn doused in butter, and hard candies.  We both adored her.  Marilyn was funny, talented and smart.  And a deep and thoughtful person, who didn’t want to be dehumanized by fame.

What’s not to love?