Trouble in Mind…

Trouble in Mind…I’m blue

Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always,
’cause the sun’s gonna shine
In my backdoor some day.

I’m all alone at midnight
And my lamp is burnin’ low
Ain’t never had so much
Trouble in my life before.

Trouble in mind, that’s true
I have almost lost my mind,
Life ain’t worth livin,
Sometimes I feel like dyin’.

Goin’ down to the river
Gonna take my ol’ rockin’ chair
And if the blues don’t leave me
I’ll rock away from there.

I listened to the Nina Simone version of Trouble in Mind while painting this…

Acrylic and Sharpie on wood

Life in the Wild… A Collaboration

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

A collaborative sketch with Scottish artist, Sean Fleming

I just got back from a heart warming journey to Scotland. I spent a whole week with my best friend, drawing, painting, visiting galleries and exploring the land.  We originally met through an online art group. It’s amazing what can happen in two years, even with 6000 miles in between. And even more so, considering these terrible iPad portraits I did of him, before we ever exchanged words… Haha 😛 Thankfully, I’ve done more flattering work since…

Life in the WIld is a collaborative sketch that we worked on while I was visiting. I altered the color digitally, it was graphite… I’ll post some more of our collaborative work and perhaps a photo or two later this week…

You can see more of his work on Facebook:

Sean Fleming Artist

…and while you’re there, stop by to see mine! 😉

It’s Sunday, so I must confess my Ed Sheeran addiction…

pencil drawing ed sheeran fan artBefore I assault you with my backlog of dark, moody paintings, I thought I’d ease you into things with something a bit more peaceful. This is Ed Sheeran, a singer/songwriter from the UK, who is fairly new to the music scene. I find him inspiring because he is a driven, self-made (musical) artist who’s seen his efforts pay off. His music is mostly anguished folk/pop/hip-hop and resonates well with my tortured soul. 😛

This is a pencil sketch from my sketchbook, with digital filters added. (I sketched this from a photograph, which didn’t have a source attached, but if I figure it out, I’ll post it here.)

Update: Here’s a nice, brief video summary of Ed’s career, created by James McConachie:


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The Voices In My Head…

Voices in my headRUN!!!!! Charcoal, pastel and marker. Prints available soon.


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It’s Back! Alice in Wonderland Piano @ The Richmond Beach Library in Shoreline, WA

Heather Carr Alice in Wonderland piano mad hatter u mad tea party

Looking mad as a hatter…

Piano Time in Shoreline, WA is back!  While I didn’t have time to commit to painting a new piano this year, I’m proud to say that my Alice in Wonderland piano is out of hiding and has found the perfect home.  For all of August, Wonderland will be on display at the Richmond Beach Library in Shoreline.  I can’t think of a more appropriate home than a library!  Best of all, it’s art you can touch.  Visitors are welcome to come and play the piano. Unlike my cat, this toothy-grinned beast won’t bite…

Here is a link to all my Alice themed work, including progress photos from painting the piano:

The Richmond Beach Library is located at 19601 21st Ave N.W., Shoreline, 98177

Heather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Flood of TearsHeather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Queen of Hearts Caterpillar Heather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Mad Tea PartyHeather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Mad Hatter and Alice

Come to Seattle’s Wedgwood Art Festival this weekend!

Spray paint on fingers bright colors fingerprintsHi Y’all!  I’ve been so incredibly busy since I returned from Portland, trying to get ready for the Wedgwood Art Festival.  Those are my fingers from Thursday afternoon.  See, very busy!  😛

Now I’m loopy because I still have so much to do before 10 am…. If you live in Seattle, please come by and say hi.  My booth is in the back of the space, along 36th Ave.  There’ll be lots of good art, good food, and good music!  I’ll have lots of prints for sale, as well as some original paintings.

Here’s some of the details:

July 13 & 14, 10 am – 5 pm, on the Hunter Farms Tree Lot at the corner of 35th Ave. NE and NE 80th St.

More info here:

Painting Workshop with Jesse Reno! :-D


I’m heading to Portland later this week for 5 days of painting with Jesse Reno.  This will be an advanced workshop in his studio.  I can’t wait!  It will be the third workshop I’ve taken with him.  I love his teaching style and painting philosophies.  

I’m looking forward to posting new work and photos from the trip.  See you all soon!

By the way, I will be participating in the Wedgwood Art Festival this year.  More on that next week.  


Portrait of an Artist – Pencil Sketch

pencil sketch portrait heather carr Here’s a drawing that I did last week.  Just a wee sketch in pencil on paper, to which I added a bit of a digital vignette… It’s a portrait of my friend and fellow artist, Sean Fleming.  Sean is a contemporary fine artist in Dundee, Scotland.  His work is mainly figurative, expressed both as paintings and drawings. Check out his art page on Facebook or his website.

Here’s a little peek at his work – (images are cropped):

Sean Fleming Artwork sample drawing painting sketch landscape city woman man alone

Sean Fleming Visual Artist – Click the image to explore his work…

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