“You Know Nothing, Jon Snow…” From My Sketchbook

Heather Carr sketch pen Jon Snow Kit Harington Xezep Xe3ep Game of Thrones Russian Hat Girl GlassesI’m excited that Game of Thrones is back!  Are you?

I sketched this with a crappy old marker and a drawing pen.  I didn’t draw it in pencil first, which is why I ended up looking like an old lady with a giant nose… ah well, an excuse to draw this again…  🙂

Sketchy Mondays – Beware: Summer is Coming

Heather Carr 2012 sketch

I know I said I wouldn’t be back until later in the month, but it’s so hard to stay away!  Just pretend you didn’t really see me, because I really won’t have any more time this week… Still busy painting away!  I had to put up this sketch, because as summer vacation draws ever nearer, I’m filled with greater and greater dread.  Oh yes, summer IS coming.

p.s. I added some filters post-scan just for fun.