Pour Life Choices

wine label heather carr harry potter

A friend, who was making a tiny batch of wine, asked if I could create a label for his bottles. As someone who appreciates wine, I couldn’t resist the opportunity! 😉 While discussing design possibilities, I found out that he had a friend (who would be receiving some of the bottles), who is a huge Harry Potter fan… which was perfect, because so am I! He calls his wine Pour Life Choices. Hmmmm… Slytherins are all about poor life choices, so Harry Potter seemed to be the perfect theme.  I only wish I could have worked Severus Snape into the picture… **swoon**  ❤

wine bottle heather carr

This was a pencil drawing that I colored and manipulated in Photoshop. I was happy for the opportunity to do more digital work.  I’m enjoying learning how to make Photoshop work for me…

(p.s. Just to be clear, this was not a commercial endeavor… Sadly, these are not for sale. It was just a personal project. 🙂 )