Sketchy Monday – Faces From My Sketchbook

Heather Carr sketches faces drawing doodle pen sketchbook man woman

Well, once again it is almost midnight and I am just now getting to my Monday post, but better late than never!  These two are recent doodles from my sketchbook, scanned and then filtered with Snapseed.

Heather Carr sketch sketchbook pen woman doodle

By the way, I finished my Alice in Wonderland street piano!  Yay!  I’ll try to post some pictures of the finished piece later this week.  Blogging is a bit more difficult in the summer, with my children at home.  🙂  Can’t wait to share it with you!

If you haven’t seen the work in progress, you can check it out here:

Alice in Wonderland Street Piano Progress 1

Alice in Wonderland Street Piano Progress 2

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Doodles

Alice in Wonderland Brainstorming Doodles

More Sketches – The Mad Hatter

Heather Carr 2012 sketchesMore Alice in Wonderland brainstorming doodles for the upcoming street piano painting project.  I usually don’t start drawing until 11pm or midnight, but sometimes good things come from being only half-awake… You can see more of my Alice in Wonderland late-night sketches here.

Sketchy M…idnight – NYC – Sketches From an Airplane

Heather Carr sketch 2012Well, so much for sketchy Monday… as it’s almost midnight now!  Thought I’d share a few sketches from my recent trip to New York City.  The two at the end of this post were done on a rather turbulent plane, one with pen.  I know… the crazy risks I take with art.  😉

Heather Carr sketch 2012

I love all the stuff on top of the buildings in nyc.  BTW, if you haven’t noticed, sometimes I like to add a filter to my sketchbook images….

Heather Carr sketch 2012

I don’t sleep much there.  at all.  nope.

Heather Carr 2012 sketchWonder when I’ll be back.

Heather Carr sketch 2012

Sketchy Mondays – Pencil Sketch – Weekly Herald – Shoreline City Hall Show

Heather Carr pencil sketch 2012

I did this sketch Saturday night while hanging out in bed and watching a show – whew, the wild life I live!  I’m only posting the one sketch, as I’m caring for my daughter today, who has had incredibly high fevers for 5 days.  Heading to the doctor soon…

Thursday, I went to the Open House for my new show at Shoreline City Hall.  I’d like to say we had a huge turn out, but most people I know are still at work at 5pm, and not so close to Shoreline either. 😦  But… I had a good time anyway, and it was great to see my work up on the walls!  Here’s some of the work.  It’s up until the end of July.

There was a small piece in The Weekly Herald (05/25/12) about our show, and they printed one of my paintings for the article.  It was quite a surprise!

Sketchy Mondays

Heather Carr 2012 Art

Something that is sketchy can also be described as incomplete, fragmentary, vague, imprecise, imperfect, hurried, and hasty.  All those things could describe my various sketchbooks too.  I often draw when I’m half asleep and totally depleted from my day.

Heather Carr 2012 Art

I love looking at artists’ sketchbooks, even when they aren’t fancy, but just fragments of ideas captured on paper.  So, I’ve decided to try, once a week, to share some sketches from my books.  I hope you enjoy them!

Heather Carr Art 2012

If you are looking for an interesting book on artists and their sketchbooks, check out An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory.  Love this book!

Heather Carr Art 2012

Heather Carr Art 2012

Thanks for stopping by!

Penultimate – Finger Drawing

Heather Carr iPad sketch Penultimate

The iPad is a valuable tool for artists.  I often bring mine to the studio when I paint.  As a result, several of the women that I paint with own them too.  The iPad is great as a portable image library.  But it offers so much more than that.  I will do a few blog posts on the applications that I like best.

Today, I’m going to tell you about Penultimate, an app that I love for its simplicity.  Penultimate is a sketchbook application with a limited palette of colors and pen thicknesses.  It can be used for handwritten notes, but I like it for doodling.  It is not a painting program; its toolbox is limited.  This keeps things loose and free.  I draw with my finger, sometimes with my left hand.  I love the rawness of drawing with my non-dominant hand.  Often I draw in the dark, while waiting to sneak out of my 3-year-old son’s room at night.  Some doodles may turn into inspiration for a painting, but it’s also just play and discovery.  The images can be imported into other art programs and manipulated further. (Another blog post…)  I’m just starting to learn about digital art and I think that the iPad provides a very inviting way to explore some complex art programs.

If you have an iPad and haven’t explored its artistic side, I recommend checking out Penultimate.  It’s $0.99.  The pages look like a moleskin sketchbook.  (Cute!)  You can create multiple sketchbooks and they are very easy to flip through.  They’ve recently added a few features that I haven’t fully explored yet.  Such as, adding photos to a page, cutting and moving parts of your drawing, and new colors, including a yummy eggplant purple.

I took screenshots of some of my zillion doodles for you to see.  Normally when I export them, they appear just on a blank white background.  (Something to discuss with the guys at Penultimate.  It would be awesome if the exported image looked like a sketchbook page…)

P.S. The sketches with “L.H.” on them were done with my left hand.  I added color to the sketches at the bottom using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad.

Heather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodleHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodle Sketchbook ProHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodle Sketchbook ProHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodle Sketchbook ProHeather Carr iPad Penultimate doodle Sketchbook Pro