Red Right Ankle

Red Right Ankle-The Decemberists drawing leg sock Heather CarrThis is the story of your red right ankle
And how it came to meet your leg
And how the muscle, bone, and sinews tangled
And how the skin was softly shed
And how it whispered,
“Oh, adhere to me
For we are bound by symmetry
And whatever differences our lives have been
We together make a limb”
This is the story of your red right ankle
(from The Decemberists “Red Right Ankle”)

Red Right Ankle The Decmberists drawing heart ventricle girl woman
I’ve been sick for the entire month of February, so other than finishing up a commission and doing an interview, I’ve done nothing but doodling in my sketchbook. ¬†The commission that I was working on was an album cover, so I’ve had the process of pairing songs and images running through my head…
Next week I’ll share with you my interview, a solo show I’m doing for the month of March, and, hopefully, the finished CD for The Northerlies.