Oh Noes! Living life without art, isn’t living at all…

charcoal, sketch, boy, oh no

I’ve missed being here terribly. I couldn’t take it a second longer!!! So I thought I would at least say hello. 🙂 I’ve been working on a number of pieces over the last year and I’m gutted that I haven’t shared them yet. Life has just been very difficult and complicated. I’ll have quite a story to tell someday… Here’s my first baby step back into the art blog world…

Hope you are all having a marvelous summer!

P.S. This is a charcoal sketch that i did, with digital filters added to it.

All work and no paint makes Heather’s…

raven boy charcoal sketch by Heather Carr

Raven Boy – Charcoal and digital work

….a dull blog! 😦  Sorry I’ve been gone!  We are in the middle of a move.  Most of my art supplies are packed up at the moment.  I’m going through serious art withdrawal!!!

Feeling a bit like Homer, NO paint and NO brushes make Heather something something…

From the Treehouse of Horror. Yay, October is here!

The Voices In My Head…

Voices in my headRUN!!!!! Charcoal, pastel and marker. Prints available soon.


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