It’s Back! Alice in Wonderland Piano @ The Richmond Beach Library in Shoreline, WA

Heather Carr Alice in Wonderland piano mad hatter u mad tea party

Looking mad as a hatter…

Piano Time in Shoreline, WA is back!  While I didn’t have time to commit to painting a new piano this year, I’m proud to say that my Alice in Wonderland piano is out of hiding and has found the perfect home.  For all of August, Wonderland will be on display at the Richmond Beach Library in Shoreline.  I can’t think of a more appropriate home than a library!  Best of all, it’s art you can touch.  Visitors are welcome to come and play the piano. Unlike my cat, this toothy-grinned beast won’t bite…

Here is a link to all my Alice themed work, including progress photos from painting the piano:

The Richmond Beach Library is located at 19601 21st Ave N.W., Shoreline, 98177

Heather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Flood of TearsHeather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Queen of Hearts Caterpillar Heather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Mad Tea PartyHeather Carr Alice in Wonderland Piano Mad Hatter and Alice

Come to Seattle’s Wedgwood Art Festival this weekend!

Spray paint on fingers bright colors fingerprintsHi Y’all!  I’ve been so incredibly busy since I returned from Portland, trying to get ready for the Wedgwood Art Festival.  Those are my fingers from Thursday afternoon.  See, very busy!  😛

Now I’m loopy because I still have so much to do before 10 am…. If you live in Seattle, please come by and say hi.  My booth is in the back of the space, along 36th Ave.  There’ll be lots of good art, good food, and good music!  I’ll have lots of prints for sale, as well as some original paintings.

Here’s some of the details:

July 13 & 14, 10 am – 5 pm, on the Hunter Farms Tree Lot at the corner of 35th Ave. NE and NE 80th St.

More info here:


painting art Heather Carr XE3EP Xezep woman saint icon villain

2.5′ square, acrylic, paint pens, gold leaf

Finally got my work photographed from november/december.  More to come…

The words are in Russian, and from the top say:

nyet (no), ni-znai-yoo (I don’t know), da (yes)


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Paintings From The Brig

I tried filming myself painting while over at the Brig on Friday.  I crafted a makeshift tripod for my phone using a paper towel roll, a yogurt container and some tape.  It worked, sort of… I gathered more footage at home and created this with iMovie’s trailer maker….

Here’s my new work in progress… Lost In My Mind

Heather Carr Work in Progress

Alice in Wonderland: Alice’s Hunger

Heather Carr painting Alice in Wonderland eat me drink me 10 feet tall

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she’s ten feet tall…

….White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane

just finished this for a show, 8″ x 10″ on wood

if you’d like to see more of my Alice work, including a piano, click here!


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Free Facebook Cards at MOO! A Good Deal for Starving Artists…

Heather Carr 2012

I love MOO’s MiniCards.  They are great business cards that don’t feel pretentious.  Also, they’re inexpensive and you can have a different design on every card.  I really like that since I paint in many different styles.  Anyway… I was placing a new order a few weeks back, and saw that they had these things called Facebook Cards.  Right now they are FREE, so I had to try them.  They use your cover photos from Facebook, plus your profile pic.  So I uploaded a bunch of cover photos, and got to ordering.

I think they’d be great for handing out at art retreats… I turned them into business cards by adding my URL in the message area on the back.  Here’s how they turned out:

Heather Carr 2012

I think they are pretty neat.  You can get to the Facebook offer here.

Also, if you’ve never ordered from MOO, and you want to help out this starving artist, place your first order through this link and get 10% off, and help me earn free cards. 🙂


On Sunday, I’m participating in The Color Run with my daughter.  I’m not, not, not a runner.  Not even close.  Mostly, I  wanted to do it for the chance to take pictures – people will be drenched in color while they run.  Hopefully it will be a blast… though getting up early on Mother’s Day? I’m not sure what I was thinking there…


I’m working on three commissioned paintings at the moment.  Two 3 foot squares, and one 4 foot square.  I love the early stages when I can just play and drip paint!  They have already evolved out of this stage now, I’ll share more pics after I work on them tomorrow…

Hope you have a great weekend!  See you next week.

Sketchy Mondays – Pencil Sketch – Weekly Herald – Shoreline City Hall Show

Heather Carr pencil sketch 2012

I did this sketch Saturday night while hanging out in bed and watching a show – whew, the wild life I live!  I’m only posting the one sketch, as I’m caring for my daughter today, who has had incredibly high fevers for 5 days.  Heading to the doctor soon…

Thursday, I went to the Open House for my new show at Shoreline City Hall.  I’d like to say we had a huge turn out, but most people I know are still at work at 5pm, and not so close to Shoreline either. 😦  But… I had a good time anyway, and it was great to see my work up on the walls!  Here’s some of the work.  It’s up until the end of July.

There was a small piece in The Weekly Herald (05/25/12) about our show, and they printed one of my paintings for the article.  It was quite a surprise!

Sketchy Mondays

Heather Carr 2012 Art

Something that is sketchy can also be described as incomplete, fragmentary, vague, imprecise, imperfect, hurried, and hasty.  All those things could describe my various sketchbooks too.  I often draw when I’m half asleep and totally depleted from my day.

Heather Carr 2012 Art

I love looking at artists’ sketchbooks, even when they aren’t fancy, but just fragments of ideas captured on paper.  So, I’ve decided to try, once a week, to share some sketches from my books.  I hope you enjoy them!

Heather Carr Art 2012

If you are looking for an interesting book on artists and their sketchbooks, check out An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory.  Love this book!

Heather Carr Art 2012

Heather Carr Art 2012

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I’m really enjoying having a blog, even if I only manage to post once a week.  I spent this week working on my Artist’s Statement and refining digital images of my work for one of my upcoming shows.

So… I thought I’d share with you a few recent pages from one of my sketchbooks.  I played around with them a tiny bit using Snapseed.  (A great app for polishing up photos and adding filters/frames.)  I am really interested in the possibilities of manipulating non-digital art on the computer.  It’s something I’d like to explore in the future.

Heather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing artHeather Carr sketch sketchbook 2012 pencil drawing art

A Midsummer Dream

It’s been a rough week.  Not much time for artistic endeavors.  My daughter is on mid-winter break and my 3-year-old son has been sick for several days.  So, I thought I’d share this painting that I finished last week.

It started out as a wooden board that had papers collaged all over it.  I did this partly because the wood grain can be hard to paint over.  Also, I like the textures and patterns that peek through when it’s painted.  I randomly covered the paper with paint, and stared at it for a long time, waiting for shapes to emerge.  I saw some marks that looked like they could be antlers, and the face of a deer.  So I outlined these, and drew a general outline of a body.  As I started to play more, I became bored with the idea of just a deer, so I merged the features of a woman with the animal.

Sometimes I have a clear plan from the start when I paint, but I like the challenge and surprises that not having a plan can bring.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos from the earliest stages, but you can still see the progression here:

painting mixed media Heather Carr work in progress

shapes emerging

painting mixed media Heather Carr work in progress

the ugly teenager phase

painting mixed media Heather Carr work in progress

getting closer