Drawing Outside of the Lines

Looking for stocking stuffers this weekend? 🎅🏼 Let me suggest Phil Mellor’s new book of collected poems, with cover art by yours truly. 😋 For less than $6, you can get a paperback copy, and support two independent artists at the same time! It’s like you’re giving a gift to 3 people at once! All for the cost of a Starbucks venti caffeinated sugar bomb! ☕️ But this won’t burn your tongue or leave you with the aftermath of a sugar crash…

I’m really excited about this book, which features Phil’s favorite works from his past 10 years of poetry writing. Seriously, check it out. And if you are feeling like a splurge… go for the hard cover! 😉

Thanks, everyone! Merry Christmas! 🎄

Get the book here!


Portrait of an Artist – Pencil Sketch

pencil sketch portrait heather carr Here’s a drawing that I did last week.  Just a wee sketch in pencil on paper, to which I added a bit of a digital vignette… It’s a portrait of my friend and fellow artist, Sean Fleming.  Sean is a contemporary fine artist in Dundee, Scotland.  His work is mainly figurative, expressed both as paintings and drawings. Check out his art page on Facebook or his website.

Here’s a little peek at his work – (images are cropped):

Sean Fleming Artwork sample drawing painting sketch landscape city woman man alone

Sean Fleming Visual Artist – Click the image to explore his work…

Meet Me @ 25 of the Best – An Interview

Heather Carr Self Portrait

Hello friends!  I was interviewed at the beginning of February by 25 of the Best.  I’m just telling you now, because I’ve been battling illness for weeks… Finally on the mend, I think!

Hope you’ll check out my interview.  And browse around – there are some fascinating characters featured there.

Hope to be around a lot more this month.

–Heather xx

P.S.  I’d like to send a big thank you to QuantumPhysica for having me on her blogroll.  Thank you, QP!  My interview came about from your sharing of my blog.  I really appreciate it.  –Check out her blog y’all!

Paintings From The Brig

I tried filming myself painting while over at the Brig on Friday.  I crafted a makeshift tripod for my phone using a paper towel roll, a yogurt container and some tape.  It worked, sort of… I gathered more footage at home and created this with iMovie’s trailer maker….

Here’s my new work in progress… Lost In My Mind

Heather Carr Work in Progress

Sketchy Mondays – iPad Portraits

Heather Carr ipad art sketchbook pro digital sketch portraitI belong to a group on Facebook where artists share their work.  Also, the group assigns different projects every fortnight for members to take part in.  The current project is to do a portrait of another group member.  This is Sean from the internet. 🙂  He has crazy hair.  We have never met.

Heather Carr ipad art digital portrait Sketchbook Pro

The Emotional Stages of Accepting an Art Commission

Heather Carr photo comic 2012Woo-hoo! I just finished up 3 commissioned painting last night.  Now I just need to photograph them…  It was really nice to get the job, but I’m also anxious to get back to work on some ideas floating around in my head.

l love playing around with self-portraits and was inspired late last night, after a week of too little sleep, to put this together.  I know I’m not the only one who feels commission work is an emotional roller coaster, but in the end, a fun ride.

See you next week!  xoxo

p.s. – ugh, just caught that my first version had a typo… now corrected!  whew!

New MOO Cards Arrived…


Heather Carr 2012 moo cards

If you’ve ever wondered where artists get those skinny business cards with multiple images on the front, it is from a company called MOO.  For 20 bucks you can get 100 MiniCards, with up to 100 different designs printed on the front.  My new ones just arrived.  They are so much fun!

By the way, if you are a first time customer, you can use this link to get a 10% discount from MOO!  http://www.moo.com/share/pf7ygs

Okay, I’m off to the studio!  Have a great weekend!

Heather Carr moo cards 2012