Hand Drawn Animation Practice

There is a song that I have been drawing animations for, in my head, for months!  I want to tackle animating it soon, but I need more practice first. Above is my second attempt at hand drawn animation using a stop motion animation app on my phone. I only had time to complete the first verse of the song so far, but I like how it turned out, considering I’m just learning – and there is a lot to learn! I think I’ll keep working on it.

The song is The Kite Song, by Rosie Thomas. It’s really lovely! I highly recommend purchasing it! 🙂

Oh, tie me to the end of a kite
So I can go on, I can go on with my life
And every marigold I pass below will be my guiding light
I just want to go away from here

Oh, tie me to the end of a kite
So I can go and I can go on with my life
And every time the wind blows stronger I will feel my spirit rise
I just want to go away from here

Oh, tie me ever tightly by your side
So I may go with you wherever you reside
And anytime the road looks dimmer I will be your guiding light
I just want to go away with you

I just want to go away with you

We’re All Mad Here…

Alice in Wonderland, work in progress, Mad Hatter

I’ve been dying to share this work in progress! I’m having a lot of fun playing with it and watching it evolve. I still have work to do on every aspect of it, the faces, bodies, background… But I’m enjoying taking my time with it.

It is a portrait of me and my best friend, who is also an artist. It’s based off of an Alice in Wonderland doodle from my sketchbook that kept growing more and more into a work of its own…

alice in wonderland, sketch, heather carr

If you are an Alice and Mad Hatter fan, you can see more of my Wonderland work by clicking here


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Set Me Free

Set Me FreeEarlier this year I was involved in a group show. As part of the show, we were asked to create a 12″ x 12″ image around the theme: Set Free.

This became a traumatizing assignment for me because I had been feeling very trapped, stuck, immobile and longing to set myself free for the last few years… It was, and still is to some degree, difficult for me to wrap my head around what freedom would look or feel like! So, I decided to do a self-portrait that captured my anxiety instead, and my need to be set free. I may allow myself the freedom to play around a bit more with the images floating over my head. The shapes represent the logistics and puzzles that I need to sort out…


Trouble in Mind…

Trouble in Mind…I’m blue

Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always,
’cause the sun’s gonna shine
In my backdoor some day.

I’m all alone at midnight
And my lamp is burnin’ low
Ain’t never had so much
Trouble in my life before.

Trouble in mind, that’s true
I have almost lost my mind,
Life ain’t worth livin,
Sometimes I feel like dyin’.

Goin’ down to the river
Gonna take my ol’ rockin’ chair
And if the blues don’t leave me
I’ll rock away from there.

I listened to the Nina Simone version of Trouble in Mind while painting this…

Acrylic and Sharpie on wood