Sketchy Monday – Faces From My Sketchbook

Heather Carr sketches faces drawing doodle pen sketchbook man woman

Well, once again it is almost midnight and I am just now getting to my Monday post, but better late than never!  These two are recent doodles from my sketchbook, scanned and then filtered with Snapseed.

Heather Carr sketch sketchbook pen woman doodle

By the way, I finished my Alice in Wonderland street piano!  Yay!  I’ll try to post some pictures of the finished piece later this week.  Blogging is a bit more difficult in the summer, with my children at home.  🙂  Can’t wait to share it with you!

If you haven’t seen the work in progress, you can check it out here:

Alice in Wonderland Street Piano Progress 1

Alice in Wonderland Street Piano Progress 2

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Doodles

Alice in Wonderland Brainstorming Doodles

Alice in Wonderland – Street Art Piano – Work in Progress – Shoreline, WA

Heather Carr Xe3ep Xezep alice in wonderland piano work in progress painting  street art

Last week I volunteered to paint a 1938 Wurlitzer piano for the City of Shoreline’s street piano project.  I was hoping for a really tall upright piano, because they have nice large flat panels for painting,  but everyone wanted one of the few tall ones that were available, so I decided I’d give this one a shot.  I had to reconsider some of my design ideas because its surfaces are very different, but I’m having a blast with it!  Plus, mine came with a bench and an accordion-style keyboard cover, that has some interesting possibilities.

Before:Heather Carr

Primed and ready for paint:

Heather Carr

If you’ve ever thought about painting a piano, don’t forget the prep work!  I would have liked to… it’s a very forgettable experience.  It took me and my lovely assistant (thanks mom!) two days to sand and prime the piano.   I would have loved to skip this part, but didn’t for two reasons.  One, the paint wouldn’t adhere well to the varnish, and two, I didn’t want the piano stain to bleed into my painting.  For anyone interested in doing this, I used 220 grit sand paper and Glidden Gripper Primer.

Now for the fun part!

Heather Carr Xe3ep Xezep street art piano shoreline work in progress alice in wonderland cheshire cat eyes grin

I only have about a week’s worth of time to get this done, due to my family’s summer schedule, but I’d devote every waking minute to it if I could.

Heather Carr Xezep Xe3ep Alice in Wonderland street art piano work in progress shoreline

There are some unique challenges painting a piano.  It’s not easy to squeeze underneath the keyboard to paint, and drawing on a vertical surface, just inches off the floor is no easy feat either.  While working on backs of the legs I discovered that my paint brushes are sometimes tooooo long and don’t fit!  Anything that I could detach I removed and took home to spray paint.  The clocks and lace above, are going to become the backdrop for a tea party if all goes well!

Heather Carr Xezep Xe3ep Alice in Wonderland street art piano work in progress drink me shoreline mushrooms

I love the space we are working in.  It would make a nice studio.  We are in a storefront of a former hardware store in the Richmond Beach Shopping Center.  I’m working right up next the window.  Lots of people come by to watch us paint, and stop in to ask questions.  A professional house painter came in and critiqued my primer brush-stroke techniques – ha! and the mayor even stopped by to say hello!

Heather Carr street art piano alice in wonderland richmond beach shopping center

I’ll post more progress photos soon!  The pianos will be finished July 31, and will be on display starting August 2nd.  Mine will be on display under an awning outside of Central Market.  I’m really pleased with the venue, because there’s so much foot traffic there, and it’s an awesome market!

More Sketches – The Mad Hatter

Heather Carr 2012 sketchesMore Alice in Wonderland brainstorming doodles for the upcoming street piano painting project.  I usually don’t start drawing until 11pm or midnight, but sometimes good things come from being only half-awake… You can see more of my Alice in Wonderland late-night sketches here.

Sketchy Mondays – Alice in Wonderland – Piano Painting

Heather Carr sketches 2012

Hopefully in a about a week I will begin painting a street piano for the city of Shoreline.  I haven’t met with anyone to go over the details yet, but I’ve decided I’d like to make it Alice in Wonderland themed if they’ll allow it.

Heather Carr sketches 2012

So I’ve started playing around with faces and symbols related to Alice.  No serious drawing, just doodling, mostly with (non-erasable, doh!) pen.  Just to get my head in the right place.

Heather Carr sketches 2012

More details on the piano soon.

Heather Carr 2012 sketches