I love keeping sketchbooks. Here’s a sample of my drawings and doodles. On some, I played around with filters after scanning them. I like the combination of digital effects and hand drawn images. Hope you like them! I started my first sketchbook by collecting my many doodles on paper scraps and post-it notes, and pasting them into a book.  You can read about it here: That’s Kinda Sketchy

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Drawing Outside of the Lines

Looking for stocking stuffers this weekend? 🎅🏼 Let me suggest Phil Mellor’s new book of collected poems, with cover art by yours truly. 😋 For less than $6, you can get a paperback copy, and support two independent artists at the same time! It’s like you’re giving a gift to 3 people at once! All for the cost of a Starbucks venti caffeinated sugar bomb! ☕️ But this won’t burn your tongue or leave you with the aftermath of a sugar crash…

I’m really excited about this book, which features Phil’s favorite works from his past 10 years of poetry writing. Seriously, check it out. And if you are feeling like a splurge… go for the hard cover! 😉

Thanks, everyone! Merry Christmas! 🎄

Get the book here!

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