I love keeping sketchbooks. Here’s a sample of my drawings and doodles. On some, I played around with filters after scanning them. I like the combination of digital effects and hand drawn images. Hope you like them! I started my first sketchbook by collecting my many doodles on paper scraps and post-it notes, and pasting them into a book.  You can read about it here: That’s Kinda Sketchy

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Featured Artist at RAW:Seattle – April 2nd!


As a shy artist, I’ve got to be the worst promoter in the world, but I’m going to give it a go now… (deeeep breath…) OK! So…

I’ve been given a great opportunity to be part of an Artists Showcase that is taking place April 2, at the Fremont Foundry. It’s going to be quite a party, with bands, fashion designers and visual artists showing off their creations. RAW Artists was created several years ago to help emerging artists get exposure and I’m really excited that they sought me out to join their showcase.

If you would like to support my art (whether or not you can attend) you can purchase a ticket on my RAW artist page for $15. The only cost to me for the show is the agreement to sell 20 tickets by March 25th. I have to make up the difference for any I do not sell. I will have several paintings on display as well as some prints available for purchase. 

I may be live painting that night as well… Still trying to figure out the logistics and how to not make a mess… hahaha (The ticket link is in small bright yellow text – next to the I AM RAW text… 😉 )

Thank you all for all the support you give me, in the form of likes and comments. The encouragement means so much!!!

Hope to see some of you there! Thank you!!!

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