Come to Seattle’s Wedgwood Art Festival this weekend!

Spray paint on fingers bright colors fingerprintsHi Y’all!  I’ve been so incredibly busy since I returned from Portland, trying to get ready for the Wedgwood Art Festival.  Those are my fingers from Thursday afternoon.  See, very busy!  😛

Now I’m loopy because I still have so much to do before 10 am…. If you live in Seattle, please come by and say hi.  My booth is in the back of the space, along 36th Ave.  There’ll be lots of good art, good food, and good music!  I’ll have lots of prints for sale, as well as some original paintings.

Here’s some of the details:

July 13 & 14, 10 am – 5 pm, on the Hunter Farms Tree Lot at the corner of 35th Ave. NE and NE 80th St.

More info here:

Portrait of an Artist – Pencil Sketch

pencil sketch portrait heather carr Here’s a drawing that I did last week.  Just a wee sketch in pencil on paper, to which I added a bit of a digital vignette… It’s a portrait of my friend and fellow artist, Sean Fleming.  Sean is a contemporary fine artist in Dundee, Scotland.  His work is mainly figurative, expressed both as paintings and drawings. Check out his art page on Facebook or his website.

Here’s a little peek at his work – (images are cropped):

Sean Fleming Artwork sample drawing painting sketch landscape city woman man alone

Sean Fleming Visual Artist – Click the image to explore his work…

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Lost in My Mind

Heather Carr painting acrylic lost in my mind girl lady woman sad melancholy thoughts daydream I finally got a decent photograph of this piece… so here it is!  Lost in My Mind, a self-portrait.  I finished it in late winter.  My inspiration was a sketch I found by Klimt.  The painting is acrylic on a 30″ square canvas.

Heather Carr detail painting lost in my mind acrylic melancholy thought daydream

You can see a one minute movie of this piece as a work in progress (as well as work on another piece) >>> here.


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The Northerlies – Album Cover Art

painting CD cover boat adventure waves escape Northerlies Heather Carrpainting CD cover boat adventure waves escape Northerlies Heather CarrIn January and February I was busy with this project for The Northerlies, in addition to my regular painting and drawing.  It was released in mid-March, and I’m finally blogging about it!  😛

I was so honored to work on this album.  I love the band, and it was my first time creating a CD cover.  If you have some time, be sure to check them out!

inside cover the northerlies album cover art heather carralbum cover art the northerlies great escape heather carr boat waves adventure island colorful houses


painting art Heather Carr XE3EP Xezep woman saint icon villain

2.5′ square, acrylic, paint pens, gold leaf

Finally got my work photographed from november/december.  More to come…

The words are in Russian, and from the top say:

nyet (no), ni-znai-yoo (I don’t know), da (yes)


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Paintings From The Brig

I tried filming myself painting while over at the Brig on Friday.  I crafted a makeshift tripod for my phone using a paper towel roll, a yogurt container and some tape.  It worked, sort of… I gathered more footage at home and created this with iMovie’s trailer maker….

Here’s my new work in progress… Lost In My Mind

Heather Carr Work in Progress