Plunge – 2013

Plunge Many of my artist friends choose a word at the beginning of each new year.  A word that guides them through their year and gives their life and art direction.  Last year, I started to do this too, and chose the Russian word “toska” to represent/define/direct my life and paintings.  This year I need to dive in deeper, despite the rough waters that I fear lie ahead.  As I was listening to a song a few weeks ago, my mind latched onto the word plunge and a million images and emotions began to fill my head…..

jumping off a cliff into deep water, water stinging the skin, the body plummeting with violent speed…  deeper and deeper down…  it is dark, and there is no air…  and no one can see or hear you…. but then, your body starts to slow down, and you regain some control…  you start to rise again, reach the surface… and find peace.

May we all find peace in 2013.


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7 thoughts on “Plunge – 2013

  1. Hi Heather! Happy New Year! ok, well maybe it’s almost Happy February! 🙂 I kind of dropped out of blog land for 2012 but am trying to get back into the game. I hope you have a fabulous year…can’t wait to see what it has in store for you. 🙂 Good word by the way. Mine is Focus. Yep. Let’s see where I go with that. 🙂

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