Sometimes, I Paint in a Prison…


Heather CarrWhile I could mean that metaphorically, in this case, I don’t.  I really do paint in a prison, well, ex-prison.  Once a week, I paint with a wonderful group of artists on a former military base.  The room we paint in has prison cells along its perimeter.  When I started painting there, there was still a cot, sink and toilet in every cell, but curtains instead of bars.

Heather Carr prison art studio

It’s a good reminder that I am free to paint what I want, and that even if I’m feeling stuck… well, I’m not as stuck as I could be!!!

The painting above is a work in progress.  I am missing Alice in Wonderland, now that I’ve finished my piano.  Just working on a bunch of small, fun pieces now – trying to get back in the groove after weeks of not having time to paint!

Heather Carr work in progress

The studio is really quite cheery, as long as you don’t ponder its history…  😛

Heather Carr art studio

When I want inspiration for a really dark piece, I’ll go sit in here awhile…

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m in a two person show, coming up in a few weeks.  More on that  soon.  I have an art page on Facebook now too, stop on by!


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