Sketchy Mondays – Just Add Color

Heather Carr sketch illustration doodle pen watercolor happy cat toy girl

The sketch above began mindlessly, and then morphed into a portrait of my son’s beloved, mangy, Happy Cat.  It’s one sad-looking, well-loved toy.

Heather Carr sketch drawing doodle illustration joker jester doll head girl severed pen watercolorI tried out a pack of Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens that I got for my birthday on some of my doodles.  They are a bit tricky.  Not quite like real watercolors because if you want to create a gradient, you have to start with wet paper.  They dry permanently before they can be blended otherwise.  At least that’s how they behave on flimsy sketchbook paper.

Heather Carr sketch doodle illustration watercolor pen girl looking I’ve not done any real painting this month.  And then, this morning I decided I’d have tea instead of coffee…. And cut back on sugar…  Now I have a HUGE headache.  It’s like I’m trying to torture myself…

I’m so excited that my children go back to school next week, so I can get back to painting – and have something to post besides doodles!!!

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