Featured Guest Artist – Analysis of my painting Flightless

Heather Carr Xe3ep Xezep flightless cormorant nude self portrait graffiti stencils macabre

I had the honor of being the first guest artist on An Art Piece A Day… Gatherer418 wrote up an interesting, detailed analysis of my painting, Flightless.  It was quite fun to read!  You can read it here: DAY 19: MEET HEATHER AND HER PORTFOLIO!

6 thoughts on “Featured Guest Artist – Analysis of my painting Flightless

  1. Ok ,you are so brave to have your paintings reviewed! I am very impressed. Good review though and I loved reading about your painting and picking up on things iIhad not seen before. Having met you- you are the furthest thing from a sad and depressed woman…you have made me laugh more than a few times! Hope our summer is going well. Julie

    • Ha,ha! Well, sometimes I feel like that sad, pathetic lady… but I do like being funny too. And I especially enjoy dark and humorous art together…. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment and for checking out my latest post. Summer’s been good – hope yours is too!


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