Sketchy Mondays – Alice in Wonderland – Piano Painting

Heather Carr sketches 2012

Hopefully in a about a week I will begin painting a street piano for the city of Shoreline.  I haven’t met with anyone to go over the details yet, but I’ve decided I’d like to make it Alice in Wonderland themed if they’ll allow it.

Heather Carr sketches 2012

So I’ve started playing around with faces and symbols related to Alice.  No serious drawing, just doodling, mostly with (non-erasable, doh!) pen.  Just to get my head in the right place.

Heather Carr sketches 2012

More details on the piano soon.

Heather Carr 2012 sketches

10 thoughts on “Sketchy Mondays – Alice in Wonderland – Piano Painting

  1. Loved your sketches, especially Alice growing larger within the confines of the sides of the piano… ‘Alice’ was always one of my favorite books, I still own a couple copies of it. Hope your own journey ‘down the rabbit hole’ goes smoothly!

  2. Painting a street piano – that’s marvelous! I do hope you get to do the Alice theme. I love your start! There is such a rich history of amazing artists interpreting Through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland, and each interpretation is wonderful to explore.

    • thanks! i hope that i get to do it too! i’ve always wanted to play around with those characters and I think the street piano is a perfect place to do it, because there will be a wide audience, and people both young and old will be able to relate to it. plus, it’s a great opportunity to throw around a lot of color. woohoo!

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