NYC Street Art – Stickers – Posters

I was in NYC at the beginning of June.  I was thrilled to see some good street art.  I missed out on it the last time I visited.  Guess I was in the wrong neighborhood.

I totally fell in love with this red-dressed girl by Nick Walker.

I like checking out posters, stickers and graffiti too.  I like street art to influence my work, so I consider it research.  🙂  

Check out See One.  He’s a self-taught visual artist with great style. 

7 thoughts on “NYC Street Art – Stickers – Posters

  1. it’s so neat that you’d post this! i have recently become even more obsessed with street art than i’ve been in the past, before i appreciated graffiti and knew in the back of my mind that my maternal grandfather was a muralist in santa fe in the 60s/70s.

    a couple of months ago i serendipitously spotted a dripping rainbow that some anonymous street artist had been doing all over the city. it was weird how i ended up finding one just days after hearing about him, despite the fact that his work was a few years old already. anyway, my fondness for street art has turned into complete fascination and a desire to take part, somehow (preferrably legally!)

    • happy to fuel your obsession… wow, that’s really neat that your grandfather did murals. did you get a picture of the drippy rainbow? it sounds very appealing.

      i met keith haring when i was about 12 years old, at our local art museum. he was so cool. i was in complete awe at the time. there was just a small group of us and he sat and told us all about his art. i had a zillion questions, but when he asked us if we had any, i was totally speechless out of shyness. that kills me to this day! he was one of my earliest introductions to street art. also, as a teen i used to buy thrasher magazine, mostly for the art, as i completely sucked on a skateboard! i love street art too. it would be so much fun to do a mural! someday…

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  3. i absolutely love these images and how you’ve presented them here! what i often find so powerful about street art is how it’s not only about what it is, but where it is that can be poignant.

    it really makes me think about how much our surroundings impact on our day to day life, and i guess street art is a way of writing back to it, the individual voice against the city and you can really see its influence in your work.

    love it and looking forward to seeing more!

    (p.s. thanks for the like!)

  4. Great selection of street art! I don’t think I realized how much I missed this aspect of NYC until seeing your pictures.

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