Sketchy Mondays – Zombies and Women

Heather Carr 2012 sketchOkay, so it’s barely still Monday here…. but it’s not midnight yet, so that’s all that matters!  Above is a sketch I just did tonight while waiting for my kids to fall asleep.  I think she’s in a drug-addled haze…  I would say child-addled daze, but that leaves less to my imagination.

I’ve been thinking about the 5k Zombie Run that I’m doing later this summer…

which explains this…

mmmmm…. brains…

Heather Carr Sketch 2012

Hope to be back Wednesday or Thursday!  It’s a busy week of painting!

2 thoughts on “Sketchy Mondays – Zombies and Women

  1. The woman sketch made me want to diagnose her with some environmentally induced mental disorder. Then a character started to develop. Nice inspiration.

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