The Color Run in Seattle – Becoming A Human Canvas

Heather Carr 2012Instead of posting sketches today, I thought I’d share my weekend with you.  I participated in The Color Run with my daughter on Mother’s Day, here in Seattle.  We were walking canvases!

Heather Carr 2012

The Color Run is a 5K (3.1 mile) race.  But it is really more about getting “dirty” than running fast, because at various checkpoints along the race you are doused in highly pigmented powder.  A lot of people walked s l o w l y, to get as colorful as possible.  I even saw people rolling around in the street!

Heather Carr 2012Heather Carr 2012

I imagine it will take a while for the streets to recover.  I saw a crew trying to sweep up the powder… it looked like an impossible task.

Heather Carr 2012

We had a great time.  I do feel a bit like I spent too many hours in a smokey bar today, but I attribute that mostly to my daughter who took aim at my face with a fistful of powder… The actual race staff tried to avoid doing that…

Heather Carr

Taking pictures while participating was a bit of a challenge because my camera was inside a waterproof camera bag, which got in the way of the lens a bit, not to mention that the whole thing got so covered in dust, so I couldn’t tell what I was shooting!

Heather Carr 2012

I would love to attend this race just to take photos.  Because I was with my daughter, I kept my picture taking to a minimum.  But there were endless opportunities for great shots…

Heather Carr 2012

What better way to clean off than in a fountain!

Heather Carr 2012

I got some funny looks on the drive home…

Heather Carr 2012

I’ll be back next week with a new post, and updates on my latest paintings.  I’m working on commissions this week and I need every free second I can find…

Heather Carr 2012

Gotta RUN now, have a great week!

P.S.  A HUGE thank you to my Mom, who made it possible for me to attend the run with my daughter!

2 thoughts on “The Color Run in Seattle – Becoming A Human Canvas

    • Oh, you should! It was so much fun. If it’s already sold out, it’s still worth going just to watch. We had friends hanging out at the finish line – they did not escape without some color… 🙂

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