Flora Bowley Rocks!

One weekend in November, I was one of the lucky few who got to attend a Flora Bowley painting workshop here in Seattle.  She is truly awesome. There is nothing I love more than having hours and hours of uninterrupted painting time, surrounded by creative, like-minded souls.  And who better to lead you on an intuitive painting journey, than Flora?!

Both GIANT paintings that I worked on came to be, just by playing. I tried not to influence them by making plans too early on.  Or over-thinking things.  They were definitely shaped, however, by the overwhelming bliss of having a weekend to put being a mom on hold, and the knowledge that I was going to be visiting NYC for the first time ever, soon after my class.  I recently finished up both of the paintings.  What do you think?

big city – 30″x30″ – in progress and finished!

letting go –  30″ x 30″ – in progress and finished!

11 thoughts on “Flora Bowley Rocks!

  1. Nice job on both paintings seems like you had great time. Oh how wish to take one of flora’s classes but its not to be anytime soon. Cant wait for her book. Keep on the good work .


  2. Hi Heather, it’s Lorrie from AAJ!! I am sad that we will not have a chance to meet there this year. Glad to see your blog up and running, it looks great. As for your paintings, they are quite emotional and I love your palette. The first one, “Big City” has many layers that I spent a while thinking about. A lively city, full of potential. A female figure seeming joyous to be there, but also bending over backwards to make it happen. I also found myself thinking about feeling tangled in that pull of finding bliss in ourselves but feeling torn with what pulls away from that. Clearly this painting spoke to me!!

    Glad for a chance to say hi after so long! Hope you are well,

  3. Heather! Julie here…your tablemate from Floras class. I didnt know you had a blog or I would have come to visit sooner. I have kept in touch with Kathie from the class, but thats about it. I would recognize those paintings anywhere…i still love your letting go and your comments during wrap up;) I am hoping your trip to NYC was everything you hoped for. Are you taking any other coursed this year?
    Keep in touch,

    • Hi Julie! I actually just started telling people about my blog yesterday, so you’re just on time. Happy to hear that you like the finished painting, and that my comments haven’t been forgotten. hee hee. 🙂 New York was amazing! I was so excited to be there, I barely slept!

  4. Great Bog Heather. I really like the layout. I thought about going with the light on dark myself. it really makes color pop! Maybe, I will change mine. How on earth did you get the fantastic colored backdrop behind the blog?

    • Thanks, Tricia! I agree, black is totally the way to go for displaying art. The background on my blog was an image of a work in progress that I pasted in. I’m still learning wordpress, so there is a bit of trial and error. Glad you like it!

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